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Tran Rung


Tran has a growing education business in Ho Chi Minh City and is expanding in partnership with the Education Division. Our educators developed a program to bring American pedagogy and curriculum to Vietnam so that Rung’s high school students have the option to earn an American diploma from their home country. To support this, our education team is also providing professional development to the teachers at Rung’s secondary school. The Professional Services and Education Divisions also helped Tran create an education company in the United States, American Education and Development Group. Our Professional Services staff are also working on Tran’s application for immigration to America

Charlie Tong


Charlie has decades of experience in logistics and met the CEO of Sovereign Hills Estate (SHE), David Ho, when his daughter participated in the Education Division’s Study in America program. David Ho helped Charlie set up a U.S. business, American Instinct, that has sold millions of units of PPE and is expanding into new products. David Ho and the Professional Services Division are also handling Charlie’s immigration case to guide him through the process of gaining American citizenship.

Oanh Nguyen


Oanh Nguyen traveled to the U.S. to study at California State University at Fullerton, graduating with an Advertising degree from the Communication Studies program. While visiting her cousin who was engaged in Optional Practical Training in Greenville, PA, Oanh met her cousin’s employer, David Ho. After talking with Mr. Ho, Oanh decided to apprentice under him to follow her dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the USA.


Oanh’s family has run a well-known veterinarian business in Vietnam for more than 30 years. They want their children angrandchildren have better future so they worked really hard to send her overseas to study and prosper. Now, with all that Oanh is learning about American culture and business, Mr. Ho and Sovereign Hill Estate Group is helping Oanh and her family set up a U.S business, Sovereign Hill Estate Group Vietnam (SHE Vietnam), and offering opportunities for additional investment and business development experience through ventures such as American Nippon Group and Sovereign Cross. Collectively these businesses include opportunities to promote and sell products and services ranging from professional services and education to e-commerce and restaurants.

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